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We invision. I create. 

A large part of what Peter Tirpaeck does at his shop is what he refers to as "transforming" or "redirecting" rings. This process involves re-purposing the components of older rings, cutting up different parts and making an entirerly new ring, often without having to buy any new materials at all. While many shops will use the practice of of melting-down, Peter Tirpaeck will use a much more economical approach that is embedded with symbolism. You too can be a part of the process, lets connect and collaborate on your next favorite piece.

"each time you wear one of our creations you will be rewarded with a sense of being a part of this artistic process."

"We start with words...I listen to what it is you'd like to do, I see what we have to work with, then as a jeweler I convert this to the three dimensions and then we finsih with words..."

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