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At the Studio by the Sea we explore as we create.

Each of our designs reveals to us an order that lies just beneath the surface of any motif. Our efforts to create stimulate all of our senses and the lens, that is our body, focuses on a new aspect of that form. Whether it is in the carving of wax to cast a mold, or the setting of a stone, the attention we afford a piece always provides us with a different perspective from that which we started with. This process is akin to what it feels like to meet a new friend. We learn about ourselves and the world around us as we create and the time we devote becomes as precious as the piece itself.  We reap as we sow and receive as we give.



Creating together…We repair, create, and redirect all karat gold’s and silver; vintage costume jewelry and glasses repair, pearl and bead restringing are also available.  Please visit us often, by appointment or by chance.  We work with an unlimited variety of mediums. Precious and semi-precious gemstones, natural stone, shells and even seaweed are united with gold, silver, and bronze. Our hope is that each time you wear one of our creations you will be rewarded with a sense of being a part of this artistic process.

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